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March 13, 2009~12:02 p.m.

Last night I took out the box of summer clothes I had bought last summer on sale for our daughter. I like to go shopping at outlet stores each summer to buy for the following summer. I usually find 75% off or even sometimes luck up with 90% off. But everything I buy is at least 50% off and sometimes I have a discount card or coupon as well.
I started hanging everything up. I had bought a ton more sleeveless tops than I realized. But I realized that once I got to the end of the hangers and there were clothes left, that I didn't have any more hangers to hang the rest on. Is that bad? When your child has more clothes than she has hangers?
Just for the record she does still have all her long sleeve tops in the closet. I'm not giving up on having a couple more cool days before spring, but I'll probably box those up in the next couple weeks too. When I do, that will free up some hangers.
The most sad thing is that it means I can't order any more clothes for her. I mean I can, but I shouldn't. She has a ton. But a few of the things do look big so they might have to wait until next summer. I wish I had half the closet that she does, and half the shoes.
I mean, why can't they make these sandals in adult sizes?

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