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February 16, 2008~12:14 a.m.

We are enjoying a nice long holiday weekend. Who knew Winter break could be so relaxing. Anything that I can sleep in late for is great. And to have a daughter that will sleep in till 9 am is even better! Besides her little 4:30 am wake up, come in the living room and sleep in her little fold our Dora foam sofa that she loves. She fell right back to sleep and slept in. Nice.
She enjoyed her day. Tonight we went to friends house with their kids. Daughter had a great time! she played and ate dinner and had a blast. AFter coming home she played a little and then put herself to bed she was so tired.
We have enjoyed a great Christmas. My father ended up finding out he needed bypass surgery. THey were going to do it b/f CHristmas but postponed it to a couple days later. So we were so thankful to have him with us during Christmas. He went through surgery well, besides his first week of being loopy and hurting and not thinking straight. He has recovered well and is not smoking, thank the Lord. He seems to be feeling great.
We went to Dis ney last month. It was a 4 night 5 day trip. We had a blast . Daughter loved it even more than the first time. She lvoed every character and just played and hugged them all. SHe liked the rides this time too. We are thinking of using some tax money to buy 10 days no exp. tickets so we can go more often, plus the tickets will be cheaper if we go that route. Hopefully the tax man will call soon to tell us what the reward will be this year and we will be getting it soon.
Daughter is finally starting to potty train. She is not wanting to sit often, but we have had a couple times of actual successful deposit of liquids. I hope it continues. She is talking up a storm now. She loves to sing. Today at lunch with mom, she entertained the whole section in the restaurant with her singing of Christmas songs, Christian songs, and COuntry songs. No one seemed to mind. SHe is such a joy.
Adding daughter #2 is proving to be a long haul. We have been logged in for over 10 months now. Last time around we would have alreayd been to China and back by this time. The time is looking like 4-5 years or more. I can't imagine a couple waiting for their first child this long. It is pure heartwrenching. I can't imagine waiting that long, but we will have to...

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