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"don't hurt"

February 09, 2009~6:24 p.m.

I don't ever want my daughter to hurt. How does a parent keep from being over protective when she is made fun of or people say unkind things to her?
Just this weekend she said something about herself that I have not heard her say. She has one ear that is a little larger than the other and it sticks out some. I noticed it in our referral pics and questioned the director if something was wrong medically. THey said she just slept on that side more. Well she does, but that didn't explain the difference. She does have a difference in ears but as her hair grows you just don't notice it. I barely notice it at all and DH doesn't either. But I think she notices it now. Either a child at school has said something or she has noticed. Just as she has noticed her skin is a different shade than our's.
Lately she doesn't want her hair tucked behind her ear. She pulls it over her ear. Well, the other night after the fath@r daught@r dance, she was looking in the mirror at her pretty curled hair and we were remarking on how pretty she was in her outfit. She was staring at her face and hair and very silent. She played around with her hair and I heard her say something to the effect that her ear was big. I asked her what she said and she said she was a monkey. I asked her where she had heard that but she wouldn't say anything.
I almost cried right there. I don't want my baby to hurt. Someone at school has to have said something. Yes, she was born the year of the monkey, so is that something that is going to follow her all her life? When she was little I wondered if plastic surgery was something she would need but we don't notice it so much. It does stick out from her hair unlike the other side. I so do not want her to hurt. I never want her to feel bad about herself. But I also know that things like that make us stronger. But it hurts me to watch her hurt. Lord, please always be by her side. Let her know that she is loved no matter what.

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